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Keen Home: The Smart Vent

The Smart Vent from Keen Home was designed to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating your home’s temperature room-by-room. It is designed to support room-by-room zoning that can reduce energy usage and costs by up to 30%. These Smart Vents let you customize the temperature of individual rooms and eliminate those pesky hot and cold spots.

Keen Home says that on average, most homes have two to four rooms that are too hot or too cold. By using a Keen Home vent (older homes can easily be retro-fitted), you can regulate the amount of cold or hot air directed into rooms that are seldom used.

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Keen Home Smart Vent – 4″x12″

Features: Intelligently zone your home on a room-by-room level, Wireless control with your smartphone and auto-balancing, Regulate airflow in rooms that are too hot, too cold, or not in use, Works with Nest official partnership for enhanced control, Keen Home Smart Bridge required for operation

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