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Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator Debuts

Samsung just introduced their Family Hub large refrigerator at CES 2016. The thing is a beauty, and has a 21.5 inch full HD LCD resolution screen located on the upper right exterior door. This Family Hub Refrigerator (model RF28K95800SR) will be available sometime in Spring 2016. It will be available in a couple different options such as counter depth, full depth, stainless and a new and awesome looking black stainless design.

As the kitchen becomes the center of the typical smart home and an always-common gathering spot, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is perfectly suited to entertain all your friends and family. It offers options for streaming music through its built-in speaker. It also can connect to your Bluetooth wireless speakers, such as Samsung’s own Radiant 360 line, if you would like to enjoy music throughout the home. You can even enjoy your favorite television programs right on the Family Hub screen using Screen mirroring with your Samsung Smart TV, a huge benefit if you have to prepare food for the football game and don’t want to miss any important play.


  • Wow, this is quite amazing! I’ve always thought that the kitchen was the major gathering place of the family, so it makes sense to have the smart hub located there.

    This screen is so big that we could watch TV on it, if it were designed for that. That means there’s going to be plenty of room for all kinds of smart applications.

    I’ve seen other products on this site like the leakSmart, that lets you know if you’ve sprung a leak, to garage door control, sprinkler control, temperature control … you name it. I really can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

  • This is incredible! Who knew a fridge could be so cool? I sure didn’t, but this is awesome. I love that it has so many useful features and this is a great item to have this versatility focused on seeing as it is used a lot within a household. Genius!

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