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Control Your Garage Anywhere with Garageio

Keypads and codes at first seem like the answer for garage door security problems, but inevitably, it leads to questions like “Who has my code?“. In addition to the usual “Did I forget to close the garage door?” question, Garageio attempts to solve them all. Garageio will give you complete control over your garage using your existing garage door opener and smartphone. The Garageio Blackbox can easily be installed in your home’s garage, enabling a simple and secure way to control up to three separate garage doors from anywhere in the world, anytime.

The Garageio Blackbox is WiFi enabled, it controls up to three garage doors and has no monthly cost associated with it.

The Garageio platform is also heavily integrated with the IFTTT service so you can build recipes like “Close the garage door if it starts raining” and “If I arrive at my home, then open my garage door automatically.”

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Garageio, 1 Door – control your garage door with your phone, Works with Amazon Alexa

Features: Setup is quick and easy and requires no special tools, Open or close your garage door with a single swipe, Receive real-time alerts if your garage door has been left open

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