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Neurio Home Energy Monitor

Fun fact: Most homes waste an average of 20% of the electricity they use. 

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is a product for those of us looking to recoup that 20% wasted electric. It looks for savings with all the electricity-eating devices in your home. Neurio has a smartphone app and website that helps you track your power usage in real-time. Neurio also can monitor and report back on how well your solar power investment (if you have one of course) is working to reduce your home’s net impact on energy consumption.

Installing Neurio is also extremely easy to install and only takes about 15 minutes. First you need to find a suitable place in your electrical panel where Neurio can fit, then secure it with the supplied self-drilling screws. Next you loop or clip the CTs around your panels two main power lines, then connect the voltage cables to two empty breakers. There is no wire cutting involved here. Finally, you connect the antenna to the Neurio box you installed during the first step.


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Neurio Home Electricity Monitor (North American Version)

Features: Provides a real-time view on where and when your home’s electricity is being used – Appliance view is a paid upgrade and not included in the base product purchase, Helps you reduce your energy costs by up to 20%, Provides bill forecasting so you know what your utility bill will be before it arrives, Sends you smart energy saving tips that point out things you can do to save energy, Simple installation – no wiring cutting needed

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  • This would be a lifesaver to have in our home! I know we’re wasting electricity, because our bill is really high and it doesn’t seem like we’re using that much. We’re in and out of here so much, I’m sure we leave the fans/lights/TV once in a while.

    This could really help us out.

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