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Reviewing the C3 IoT Platform & Applications

Last week we looked at the AWS IoT product, but today we are looking at C3’s IoT Platform. C3’s entrance into the IoT market started back in 2009 when they say the term “Internet of Things” was first coined. Their extensive array of IoT products certainly shows that they have been at this for quite a while.

C3 IoT Platform

The C3 IoT Platform is a combination of real-time stream processing, contextualized data analysis, batch data analysis, and fast data processing that is built to support machine learning data exploration. All of this is within a unified computing framework.

All that technical jargon basically means that they built a platform that allows you as a developer to build (they mention the use of JavaScript) applications that can easily be plugged into what looks like modules for machine learning, reporting and data storage. They also have lots of pre-built APIs to enable all this cross-sharing of data.

C3 IoT Applications

C3 also has (at the time of this article) 11 preformed applications built on top of their own IoT Platform. These applications range from Oil & Gas Analytics to Healthcare to Fraud Detection.

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