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Sensibo Makes your A/C Smart

Sensibo’s kits allow you to turn any A/C unit with a remote into a smart A/C unit. Sensibo uses infrared commands to communicate with your existing A/C, just like its remote control. Just attach it (via the supplied 3M: Command™ mounting tape) to the side of your unit right out of the box and it supports any remote controlled A/C, such as window A/Cs, split, central or standing units.

In order to extend the range of the Sensibo Pods, they designed Sensibo to have two parts: one Smart Hub that connects to your home router, and a Sensibo Pod for each of your air conditioners. This design makes Sensibo more affordable and extensible.

After the Sensibo sensors are attached, you can control that A/C unit from anywhere with their smartphone app. For the super techies, you can also control them with IFTTT or via their API.

Sensibo also allows you to string many different A/C units together. If you have a Samsung window unit in the kitchen and an LG in the bedroom, you can control them all together in one cohesive manor with Sensibo’s app.

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  • That is exciting!! It would be so awesome to be able to check my A/C unit remotely.

    A few weeks ago, I came home to realize that I’d left the A/C on ALL DAY while I was out of town running errands! Of course, all the windows were open! I was really horrified, because I’m usually really, really good at checking everything before I leave, but I missed it this time.

    If I’d had Sensibo, I could have double-checked it from the road. I’m so bummed that I didn’t have it!

    Having Sensibo makes sense, that’s for sure! 🙂

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