Garden Sensors Reviewed

Edyn Garden Sensor

Edyn (pictured above) is one of the darlings of the “smart garden” niche, and its product is as beautiful as it is useful.  Edyn keeps you connected to your garden by providing you the knowledge to make your garden and other outdoor plants live a healthy life. The Edyn Garden Sensor tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture of your garden, then cross-references that information with its extensive plant database and local weather to give you customized gardening advice. CNET mentions that their app is buggy, and while I have not seen the same problems, it is one thing to be aware of.

PlantLink Wireless Plant Sensor

PlantLink is a small sensor you place next to your plants and it identifies if it needs water, anything else that its plat-specific alogorithims detect. PlankLink also has an optional valve that when connected with its sensors, can automatically turn on sprinklers to water the garden ONLY when it is needed.

Parrot Flower Power

With over 7000  plants in its database, Parrot is another intelligent garden sensor. When connected to either it’s iOS, Android apps, Bluetooth or IFTTT, it will let you know when your garden needs watered. It has a built in 6-month battery, so most US locations wont need to worry about the battery dying in the middle of the season. The Parrot Flower Power monitors and analyzes the four parameters essential to your plant’s health: Water, Fertilizer, Temperature and Sunlight.




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