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Mistbox Boosts your AC Efficiency

2 years ago, a Texas-based home-energy startup showed up on Kickstarter with a smart device that promised to not only cut residential air conditioning bills by nearly 30%, but also vowed save homeowners enough money to pay for the unit within a single season. Their technology is also said to make A/C units last longer. That promise, combined with the solar-powered system’s eligibility for a 30-percent federal tax credit, convinced more than 600 backers to take the plunge back then.

In 2015 they shipped the first products out to their Kickstarter backers, and now the product is available to the rest of us on their website.

Mistbox is smart. It learns from its environment – as your unique climate & A/C system. With this information it optimizes its misting of your unit to maximize power savings while minimizing water consumption. The result is a hands-off approach to limit your energy use without sacrificing comfort. The concept of evaporation cooling has been used on many commercial A/C units for decades, but Mistbox has finally brought the benefits to regular homeowners like you and I. Mistbox is computer optimized and its algorithm continually improves to maximize savings based on your unit and your local climate.


  • It’s time for us to get a new a/c unit soon, and we have a neighbor who is an HVAC tech. I’ll ask him if he knows anything about this. Sounds like it could be good. See what he says about it, and if he’s had anyone install and use this yet.

  • This is perfect for someone like me who lives in a hot weather environment and needs AC more than anything. I will definitely look into this. It seems to be a great concept, and if it works as well as it looks, why not? Thanks for sharing!

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