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Notion Home Awareness Sensor

With Notion sensors, you can monitor your home wherever you are. You can use Notion sensors to notify you when windows or doors are opened (garage, liquor or gun cabinets) and when rooms have temperature changes (too hot or too cold). It even checks for water leaks to prevent water damage from getting worse. Notion also listens for your fire alarms, so the minute one of them go off, you will be notified (sense a pattern here?).

Installing a Notion sensor is stupidly simple. The sensors have peel-n-stick adhesive on their backs, so you can essentially stick them anywhere and everywhere throughout your home. The sensors (about 2 inches in diameter) all communicate with the larger “hub” of theirs, which Notion calls the Bridge. The Bridge is the brains behind it all. It connects to your Internet and sends out the notifications when its sensors detect something.

Notion has apps for IOS and Android, and is currently in pre-order mode now.


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