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Alta Device’s AnyLight Solar Sensors

AnyLight technology allows Alta’s solar cells to harvest a significant amount of energy from both indoor and outdoor light to ensure connected smart devices run longer under any lighting condition. With their small size (2 x 5 cm) and the capability to make custom arrays or shapes, they are designed to deliver a solar solution specifically for IoT devices.

Renewable energy is a very big topic as of late, especially Solar due to the 30% Federal Tax Credit that is currently available. Building your own IoT device certainly has it’s challenges, but because of AltaDevices’s tiny AnyLight solar panels, finding power for it is not one of them.

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  • There is so much technology, such as the AnyLight Solar Sensor that I have seen on here that I have never heard of before but it’s so cool. It’s amazing what people can create. This is very interesting, especially in the way that it works. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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