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AXIS Gear Makes Your Blinds Smart

AXIS Gear the first ever smart device that motorizes any window shade with a beaded chain or cord loop. This little device integrates seamlessly with other smart home hubs via Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave. You can set your AXIS Gear to open your shades on a schedule (hello sunshine in the morning!) or with a tug of the chain, or with a touch of the AXIS button.

Gear is designed to blend in with the decor of your home and look great on it’s own. There is no fuss with outlets, and installation takes only minutes – no professional installations are needed. It also includes an external solar power battery pack that has a premium solar panel with a lithium polymer battery and space for replaceable AA batteries, giving you optimal battery life.

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  • While I can’t say that I would find much use of this for myself, it sure is cool and I like the idea behind it. The concept of such intricate programming is amazing to me. Props to whoever came up with this idea and those who made it happen! Definitely a brilliant idea.

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