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Bosch transitioning into an Internet of Things Company

I was recently asked on Quora for the top IoT blogs that I use. Without hesitation, I mentioned The Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog. Bosch is quietly transitioning itself into a IoT powerhouse, with not only insightful IoT blog posts, but products that are pushing the boundaries of what a smart home needs.

Bosch IoT Suite

The Bosch IoT Suite provides the foundation for smart device management, by way of connecting things to the Internet via a reliable, secure, scalable and cost effective way. It also includes their IoT Cloud that is delivering the back-end application logic for any value-added services IoT devices now demand. It is made up of a set of software services that provide all of key middleware capabilities needed to build a sophisticated IoT application from top to bottom. Customers can use any combination of these IoT services as needed to rapidly implement the desired solution.

IoT Workshops

For those looking to learn more about the IoT landscape and requirements, Bosch is running workshops that bundle their IT know-how with domain knowledge, helping you create solutions that are more feasible. Bosch’s solution experts are involved in the business model development phase, thus streamlining the business and IT aspects to building an IoT company and/or product. There are no prices or schedules on their site for these workshops, but they do have a whitepaper on it that you can get for free.

Appliances & Household Products

Bosch doesn’t market any of their products as smart home products, and they really shouldn’t. Their products certainly have some pretty nice bells-and-whistles, but nothing that makes them necessarily “smart”. Most of their IoT development has been focused on building up their Cloud infrastructure and PaaS systems to compete with larger players in the space like AWS.

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  • So what does this mean for Bosch? Is this a positive change for the company? I don’t know a lot about this company or the realm of IoT, but I would like to learn more and expand my knowledge. Will this transition affect consumers in any way or is it more so a change within the company? Just a few questions. Thanks!

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