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Build your own IoT device service with ThingPlus

ThingPlus (Thing+ for short) has a cloud an embedded platform available for IoT developers that are using their own hardware like Raspberry Pi when building homegrown smart products. Thing+ has all the necessary Software and PaaS components needed to build something that works end-to-end.

Thing+ Cloud

Highly scalable cloud infrastructure with a Trigger/Condition/Action based distributed rule engine. Each rule can handle virtual and physical sensors and allow for text messaging, app notification pushes and email sending.

Thing+ Embedded

Thing+ Embedded is already made middleware that is capable of running on your IoT devices. It connects your sensors and actuators to Thing+ Gateway with ease. It supports everything from OSX and Linux to RTOS low-end devices. Thing+ Embedded also has a web UI for configuration and can easily register new sensors.

Thing+ Portal

You can either use Thing+’s own UI or build on top of their Software Development Kit (SDK). Their SDK will allow you to build Android or iOS apps that connect to their Cloud. Their Portal has all the modern amenities like responsive web design, easy chart building, realtime data accessibility and even white-labeling.

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  • So cool! I am new to IoT but I am already so intrigued by all this amazing technology. I am really enjoying reading your posts and learning more. ThingPlus looks awesome and definitely something I am interested in. I can’t wait to see more! Thanks for sharing.

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