Netatmo: Your Personal Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station’s has two separate modules: indoor and outdoor. The indoor module measures your home’s indoor comfort levels by providing vital information around temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and even sound. It alerts you when you need to open some windows to bring down the detected pollution levels.

The outdoor module pretty much does what you’d expect. It monitors your outside environment’s temperature, relative humidity and air quality.

The connected app allows you to view your home’s data in graph form for real-time tracking of your environment. Now you can observe the cycles and forecast variations around you.

Netatmo also has various modules you can add onto your setup (for an additional cost, of course). They have rain and wind gauges, mounts for hanging and extra indoor and outdoor modules that you can string together all into one setup.

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Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone, Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Features: Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, indoor CO2 concentration and Sound Meter, Real time Notifications & Graphs for data history, Connect multiple Stations to your smartphone and multiple smartphones to a Station., Lifetime free personal account for your data., Fully weatherproof. UV-resistant, Made for iPhone iOS, Android (4.0 or later) and Windows: access your detailed data from anywhere, at any time., Compatible with Amazon Alexa

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  • This is so cool! I live in Arizona and during the warmer months, (and even the fall) we get such hot weather, but it can also be bipolar and change randomly and unpredictably at times. This would be a really great tool to have at home, especially seeing as I seldom check the weather. I like that it includes details, too, like humidity and the circumstances in your specific environment. Nice idea!

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