The pHin Smart Pool Monitoring System

pHin monitors your pool’s water quality 24/7, then notifies you on your smartphone when you need to add chemicals. It even has the option to ship you pre-measured doses of chemicals whenever your pool needs them. Using their al-inclusive product, all you do is drop in the color-coded pods they send you whenever your phone says to. Apparently taking care of a pool has never been easier. (I must have been doing it all wrong for the last 3 years…)

pHin attempts to give you confidence in your pool or hot tub’s water quality by telling you when to add the exact amount of chemicals needed. From now on, there should be no worry about over-chemicalizing your pool. This product allows you to always be confident that your pool or hot tub is safe and ready for you and your family.

pHin is the first and only product from ConnectedYard Inc., headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It says it is dedicated to being the center of the connected backyard. They are beginning the takeover of your yard, first with pool and hot tub care, then will eventually expand to include everyday components involved in outdoor living.

You can pre-order pHin on their site.

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  • I have a pool and it definitely could use some work. This tool would be very helpful in knowing what needs to be done to it and what is wrong with the water at times, etc. I definitely think this is a great idea and can be of use to many pool owners who don’t really know how to take care of their pools!

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