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The Sense Home Energy Monitor

Every electrical device has a unique electronic signature – its own voice. There is a noisy conversation happening inside your home as every device that is turned on is talking. All of them, all with their electronic signature circulating throughout your home’s walls.

The Sense home energy monitor listens to those voices through current sensors on the main breakers in your electric panel. It records millions of data points per second. Sense has a device signature detection algorithm that distinguishes one appliance from another via what they call its electronic voice.

How it Works

  1. Install the Sense monitor in your electric panel. (It just takes a few screws…. but they recommend a professional)
  2. Download the iPhone app. (No Android yet…)
  3. Connect the monitor to your WiFi.
  4. Sense will automatically detect devices and will tell you what they are saying, which will allow you to see where all your energy is going… which will allow you to make your own optimizations.

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  • This could be a helpful item to have at home to keep track of all my devices. I don’t know if it’s the most necessary product for me in particular, but it certainly seems intriguing. I do know some people, though, who could find more use of this than me, and I will certainly be forwarding this article to them. Great post!

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