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GRO: Connected Yard App from Scotts Miracle-Gro

Gro is the new connected yard (not connected home) app that connects with smart products like Blossom for irrigation and Parrot and PlantLink for soil testing. GRO will analyze the data that these systems output and make recommendations on how to better prepare and work your yard, garden or flower bed.

Gro identifies hundreds of different plants, both for decoration or edible, that will thrive where you live. Gro will tell you how to plant them and care for them, which will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gro also sends out helpful reminders, around the best times for fertilization, watering and harvesting.


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Blossom 12 Zone Smart Watering Controller with WiFi + Powerline – Self-Scheduling Sprinkler Irrigation System

Features: Automatically waters your garden the precise amount necessary using local forecast from weather stations and satellites, IoT connectivity: Blossom provides Wi-Fi and power line for a highly-reliable connection making your networking range essentially limitless, Engineered to Withstand the Elements: Blossom is mountable indoors or outdoors with no extra enclosure required, Easy Control: Install your Blossom device and control it from anywhere with your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, The Blossom app lets you organize every zone in your yard by assigning a name, photo and specific plant type for up to 12 zones

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